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Increase your profits, build customer loyalty, and train compassionate, results-driven employees through our online sales training modules.

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Our Services

MJ Hybrid Solutions offers professional sales training through our online training platform. Our training is available to retailers looking to train their sales staff as well as individuals hoping to prepare for a career by improving their sales skills.

Here is a breakdown of what our training has to offer.

Sales Training – Learn the sales skills needed to satisfy your customer while also providing the best customer service possible

Product Knowledge – Learn and provide up to date, accurate knowledge about what it is you are selling, helping the customer find the product that’s best for them

Role Plays and Examples – See real examples and role plays that help understand how to apply the knowledge and skills gained from our training

Certification – Receive a certification upon competition of the main sales training course

Real Time Reporting – Individually manage and oversee the progress of your employees’ training

Continuous learning and development – New content published monthly for continuous learning as well as a training guide to help keep your team on track.